Plot2D Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
namespace_Plot2D::_listItemStruct specific for ReadFromFile and related functions (a simple linked list)
CPLOTThe CPLOT C sytle object
CPLOT_structAxesThese are the coordinates in the image of parts of the axes
CPLOT_structAxisOptionsA container struct for axis options
CPLOT_structAxisSubOptionA container struct used in CPLOT_structAxisOptions
CPLOT_structBitmapFileHeaderThe BITMAP file header struct
CPLOT_structBitmapInfoHeaderThe BITMAP file info struct
CPLOT_structByteMatrixA data container for holding the bitmap bytes
CPLOT_structColorTableThe 22 color default color table!
CPLOT_structImageSizeInPixelsThese are the dimensions of the plot part of the image in pixels
CPLOT_structInfoInDataUnitsInternal information container
CPLOT_structPlotOptionsThe user specified plot options
CPLOT_structRGBAn RGB container
CPLOT_structSeriesThe container for series data and user options
CPLOT_structStatsA container for statistics information
OptionFileA class for handling option files. ';' delimits a comment to follow.
The general format is:
field, comment = value ; comment
namespace_Plot2D::Plot2DA 2D plotting class
namespace_Plot2D::Plot2D::_PLOT2D_structMTXA struct for holding a matrix read from file
namespace_Plot2D::Plot2D_OptionFileA derived option file class for the program
namespace_Plot2D::Plot2D_OptionFile::PLOT2D_structAxisInfoThe options for a plot axis
namespace_Plot2D::PLOT2D_structSeriesInfoThe options needed for a series